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We’re All About Authentic and Fashionable Beads 

You’ve never seen beads like these. Authentic African beads sourced from Ghana made by the hands of skilled craftsmen. Cling to your African roots! 

Look at their glossy sheen…feel the weightlessness in your hand…smell the sweet scent of tradition and taste the richness that is Africa! 

The Regal Heritage Ventures was created because we felt a responsibility not only to the artisans in Ghana who make these jewelry pieces but also to all our customers. Our African beads are sourced from skilled and creative artisans in Ghana! The beads are handmade and painted with care from glass and stone. All of our products come at a fair market price without cutting corners or lowering your standard for quality! 


Feel the Richness of Your Heritage

From wrist beads to waist beads and anklets, you can feel the richness of your heritage in each hand-crafted piece. We are confident that when you place an order with us, it will be fulfilled efficiently and that our customer service is second to none! You’ll be satisfied, or your money back. 

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Ankle Beads

Anklets are worn around the ankle to stretch the psoas muscles in the thigh, making walking easier–and to show off! These beads may be worn for purely aesthetic purposes, or they can also be worn by pregnant women to aid in childbirth. 

The Anklet/bracelet is an African bead worn around the ankle; it stretches the psoas muscles in the thigh. It has been used in Africa since ancient times to protect pregnant women and make childbirth easier by stretching the ligaments of the legs allowing deeper breathing for labor pains. 

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Wrist Beads

When you think of African beads, you’re probably picturing them wrapped around your wrists and ankles. They were traditionally used to protect the wearer from illness and provide fertility or virility! 

 Today’s African bracelets are worn for different reasons: to be fashionable, show ethnic pride, or even just because they look cool! It’s a great way to show off your heritage while being in style. 

 These beads are made by the Artisans of Royal Heritage. They are handmade and painted with care from glass and stone. The beads can be clasped or open, closed or unclasped–you decide! On average, they range in size from one to 1½ inches. 

natural, hand-made

Waist beads

Feeling weightless on the dance floor will give you the freedom to move and groove! The waist bead is a piece that was traditionally worn by women in Africa. It rested at the waist between the hips, and it’s said that wearing one of these beads will make you graceful in your movements.  

Typically worn in sets, this elegant piece of jewelry is known for its rich patterns. The waist bead was gifted to women of noble birth in Africa, along with the anklet. They are handmade and painted with care from glass and stone by skilled artisans in Ghana. 

On average, they range in size from 6 to 8 inches. Waist Beads come in Yellow, Red, Blue, Green, Black, or as needed. Show off your heritage while being in style! 

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